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Raising Your Vibration

As we continue our journey to becoming LIGHT BEINGS, it will become essential at one point or another to acknowledge that our own Vibration is ours to control.  This is a very effective technique for Raising your own vibration and bringing God’s White Light in to your core.

Vibration and density are related.  The slower you or an inanimate object vibrate the denser you or the object is, and importantly for us budding Light Beings, the faster we vibrate the Lighter and more ethereal we become.

Ascension is the process of our Vibration being raised to the point where we actually shift to a whole new Dimension... if you are seeking Heaven on Earth, this is where it is.

Here is a simple exercise on how to Raise Your Vibration:

If you want the fastest results then do this exercise for a minimum of 5 min and do it 6 times a day.  You will build up momentum and over time the energy will be greater the more often you do this.  Over time you will feel yourself get lighter, less heavy, as the energies fill you.

This is an unlimited supply of energy, this allows you to share this energy with others.  "What you do for others you also do for yourself" which means you will actually increase your own energies when you share this energy.  To do so visualize a flow of energy from your heart to anyone and visualize it being accepted with gratitude.  You may/will notice their energy increasing and their frame of mind improving.  The book "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield is an excellent read and a great way to understand energies and especially the significance and importance of raising our vibration. The Celestine Prophecy movie is also awesome in demonstrating energies as they show the energies flowing in the movie.  You will find that this exercise will free you of the need to unconsciously get your energy from others, this will reduce the need or compulsion to resort to your control dramas, herein lies freedom.

Human Beings can have many blocks to allowing the Light into themselves, and to allowing their vibration to be raised.  We have had many lifetimes worth of experience that for many people has clouded our perceptions of the Light and our Soul's willingness to be One with the Light. The Soul work I provide can open you to the Light and to higher vibrations.  Ascension is NOW so the time to do this exercise is now.

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