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Entity Clearing Demons, Djinn, Ghosts, Black Magic

Healers and Psychics that charge a fortune to do Depossession or Curse Work and often fail.

This is another one of those pages that I really didn’t want to have to write, but literally the Angels insisted I set up this web page to talk about it.


I frequently get contacted by people who have had huge amounts of money taken away from them by psychics.  The typical amount I hear of is $4,000.  The psychic claims that the “client” has entities, Demons, Curses, or Spells and that only the psychic can remove it or them… and then uses strong fear persuasion tactics to get large amounts of money out of people. Then when it is unsuccessful and the client complains they just ramp it up another notch and claim that it is a really strong Demon/Curse/Spell and they need another $6,000 to finish the job.  This is very sad but it is very true. So many people fall for this that it is painful to hear about so frequently.

If I can give you a very serious piece of advice is DON’T GO TO PSYCHICS FOR ENTITIES WORK.  I have reached the conclusion that many of them are thieves.  Granted I don’t hear very often about the honest and successful ones, but seriously I hear about this so often that the dishonest ones must be everywhere.


Many Psychics are untrustworthy, but more often money is lost by trying many different Internet healers.  I hear about them too.  When added up, all the lost and wasted money of not getting results also amounts to many thousands of dollars.  I have clients who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on healers, with little result.

Here are a few rules of thumb that may help you:

My website has my face all over it.  My name is right there in big letters.  My email address has my name in it (not just "contact@").  My website has my telephone number on every page, and when you call, more often than not I answer it.  I am happy to chat with you during regular business hours.

I can be held accountable, and I hold myself accountable to all my clients.  I am proud of the healing I offer and know in my heart that I am providing a very valuable service.  My clients get results!

Please stop sending money to people who hide their identities from you, or use fear as a tactic against you.  Go with reputable healers. Then hopefully the number of sad stories I hear will go down dramatically.

Wishing you success on your healing!


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