This is a journey we all have to take.  No one starts off on Earth 100% in alignment with the Light.  The default position therefore is that we all start off forgetting that we are Beings of Light, and on a Soul level work with Darkness as it is our only other choice.

We all have registered abandonment and betrayal issues against God, His Angels, and the Higher Beings that work with the Light. Until these issues are healed we all resist the Light with our full Soul power and survival instincts.  Again all that is left to us is the Dark.  It is a slow and arduous journey for most of us to return to the Light.  This takes many lifetimes.  

We bring forward the issues and challenges of previous lifetimes with us as we reincarnate.  We also bring forward the degree of Light and Dark that we had stopped at in our last lifetime.  As we progress through our lifetimes we ultimately become lighter and lighter until we finally reawaken to the truth that we are Beings of Love and Light.

As we experience this journey we must consciously separate/free ourselves from the Darkness.

The Journey From The Dark To The Light