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Entity Clearing Demons, Djinn, Ghosts, Black Magic

More on the “Dark does Healing Too”, and also John of god

I had to learn this through experience, no one taught it to me, so it is no surprise to me that this may be news to a lot of people. The Dark does healing that in some cases can be considered miraculous!  As mentioned they do this for the access to your Soul that it gives them and in many cases the healing is real and effective.

I believe the lack of general knowledge that the Dark does healing too is the #1 reason that they have gotten away with tricking people for so long. People so want to believe it is the real God or a Being in alignment with the real God actually doing the healing!!!!!!!  So they give healers an automatic pass and assume they are working with the Light.

This is only my humble opinion but I think this is also the reason that people shrug off or discard all the horror stories that have been coming out of the John of god Casa for years… they say to themselves “well… see the healing that is taking place, so he must be working with God!” And then they turn a blind eye to the horrors, and even continue to take tours of people to see for example Jog, so convinced are they that they are helping in the real God’s work that they block out the Dark truth that is right before their eyes.

The DARK DOES HEALING!  Healing is NOT an indicator whatsoever of working with or oneness with the real God.  Get used to that idea please, it will save you much grief over the long term.

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