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I often get calls from people of the Catholic Faith and other faiths who believe that seeking my help would be going against the will and teachings of their Church.  What seems to be relatively unknown is that the Catholic Church and other Churches do practice clearing of entities.  I work with Holy Spirit and Archangels, so seriously would God be offended by Holy Spirit and His Angels working with me, and would those Angels even work with me if God objected?  Seriously, No.

The Catholic Church has endorsed and actively participated in the making of this movie.  “The Exorcist in the 21st Century”.  It features several highly respected Priests who practice Depossessions and shows them in action in the movie.  It is actually a very interesting and fascinating movie for those with an interest in the topic.

Two tips for watching the movie.  1) be sure that the subtitles are on as it is not in English.  2) Notice that they are not successful in any depossessions; and the degree of discomfort, wild contortions, and screaming the people go through.  This is not necessary for healing to take place.

Watch the Movie Trailer by clicking here

It is a movie that costs $14.99 CDN to watch.  Just click on the link below and you will be brought to the official YouTube Page for this movie.  You can pay them directly just by clicking on the movie and using your credit card.


Movie about the Catholic Faith and Depossessions

“The Exorcist in the 21st Century”

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