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Healing Activations

Healing Activations are not something to be done without being sure of what you are getting into.  There are many Dark Healing energies that use activations to find their way into people and their healing.  Any time someone else can do an Activation on you and you suddenly have healing powers it is suspect energies.

If you did not read the pop up window describing The Journey from Dark to the Light then please read it here.

We ALL have separation from God issues.  If we didn’t we would be Christed, an Ascended Master, or a Being of a much Higher Dimension.  If you are not one of those then guess what! you still have separation from God issues.  In other words you are still on the path from Darkness to the Light.

So with that as the frame of reference how does the Light help us progress on our journey?

We earn it.  Every Step of the way!

We earn it by healing ourselves of all that is not of the Light, and by doing so we get clearer and clearer and find our way Vibrationally and in consciousness back to the Light, and God.  This is typically a slow process involving many years.

The same is true when we choose to become healers.  We start off separated from God and because of those separations start by having trouble connecting with His energies.  We may have a little come through or more than a little, but it is only by healing and being healed of our separation from God issues that we become able and willing energetically on a Soul Level to channel more healing energies that are of the Light.  It is not that God denies us His energies, it is that we have blocks and resistance to accepting them ourselves, we stand in our own way out of fear and abandonment issues and much much more that happens on a Soul level.  The Soul, Subconscious Mind, and the many levels of our existence are what block us from working with Light Energies.  So this is the journey, to heal all of that so we can allow ourselves to accept Light and Love energies.

So back to healing activations… when you attend a weekend seminar, or levels of classes, where during that seminar or classes you are given an Activation after which you can suddenly and spontaneously start to do healing's for other people the question has to be asked… where are those energies coming from?  Who are you working with really?

We now know that healing ability is gained by clearing Separation From God issues first and foremost, so if you suddenly have healing abilities without dealing with any Separation from God issues, and therefore still have separation from God issues and all the blocks that come with them, then that leaves only one source that they could come from:  The Dark side of the Energy Spectrum, where Separation from God issues just don’t matter and can be skipped over.

So be careful of accepting Energy Activations, or even going to any seminars or classes offering to activate you and spontaneously turn you into a healer.  You may become a healer, and do wonderful and satisfying healing’s, but you will also on a Soul level be accepting contracts, vows, oaths, and agreements that give the Darkness control and Dominion over you and your Journey.  The Darkness always has their own agenda, and in pursuit of that Agenda they are more than willing to do healing for people and through people, but there is much in the background that you or your clients are not being told about, and that is all these contract, vows, oaths and agreements.

Getting free of these Contracts, Vows, Oaths, and Agreements is difficult, and usually need the help of someone who is already free himself or herself.  There is Light at the end of the tunnel of Darkness.   But overall you would be far better off not getting into those difficulties in the first place.

The urge to believe that all healing comes from the Light is hard to fight against, but it must be fought for you to find your freedom from the Darkness.  You will not be able to take action to free yourself until you make this mind shift.

I wish you strength and determination in your contemplations of all that you are learning here.

Note:  Healing activations are different from Heart Activations. The Dark will never offer a Heart Activation as the Heart is what they seek to block the most, not encourage. The Dark knows that our Heart is where we will find total freedom from them.

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